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As the cost of living crisis deepens, more and more people are facing heartbreaking choices over whether they can afford to continue caring for their pets. For many, companion animals are a huge source of comfort during difficult times and some people are going without food themselves in order to feed their pets. Pet abandonment has increased sharply over the past year and is likely to worsen as the cost of living crisis intensifies. There are, however, a number of charities and organisations out there providing support for people and their pets facing hardship.

This database pulls together various sources of help that is available across different regions of the UK, including financial help with spay/neuter surgeries, veterinary care and pet food. Please scroll through the list to find an organisation near you. If you have any trouble accessing the database, please contact us and we will try to connect you with the most relevant organisation that can help.

Please help us to keep this Help for Pets database up-to-date by getting in touch if you notice anything missing that should be included on the list.

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