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Walk for OSPA

September 9th 2019

We are fundraising for OSPA, a dog rescue centre on the island of Sal, Cape Verde, that is doing amazing work to help street dogs and cats.

Organização Salense Proteção Animais (OSPA) has been active since 2011 and has had a number of positive impacts on Sal. In 2011, OSPA (formerly SOS Cats and Dogs) successfully campaigned for a commitment from the local government to refrain from the use of strychnine to kill cats and dogs. Prior to this, indiscriminate poisoning through the use of strychnine-contaminated food was common practice.

OSPA has also worked with Tieraerztepool, a group of German vets, to undertake intensive neutering clinics. It is estimated that these intensive neutering clinics have led to approximately 70% of dogs on the island of Sal being neutered.

In addition to their successful campaigns, OSPA also works hard to re-home the dogs in their care. They provide all paperwork and vaccinations for their dogs so they are ready for international travel. If you are considering re-homing, please consider an OSPA dog.

We think OSPA is a great model for how a small, local initiative can have a big impact. To support OSPA's great work, we are taking part in an international 10km Walk for OSPA - all donations, however small, will make a big difference. Please support us if you can. Thank you!

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